I am Aidan. I am 19 and refuse to take any more bullshit.
I prefer they/them pronouns.
Sometimes I post social justice, pictures of myself and art.
If you have a problem with the above things get the fuck off my blog.
  • do you ever think of the deliberate classism in the prices of allergy-free foods because they’re considered to be for health trends for the rich rather than a necessity for poor individuals with severe food allergies who actually need them 

    because i do


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  • Does fucking nancy have any thoughts about the economy
  • 10000bc:

    since abercrombie an fitch destroys its unsold clothes and wont donate bc poor people wearing their clothes gives them a bad image i say everyone should donate as much abercrombie and fitch brand clothing that you have to homeless shelters so you can simultaneously piss off a shitty company and help those in need

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    im starting to see those “dont use ouija boards for fun they are very dangerous!!!!!!!” posts and id like to ask everyone who reblogs them what its like to be a fucking nerd

    this is exactly the kind of post a ghost would make to trick you into using a ouija board. look out kids, the spoops are gettin crafty.

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    Don’t forget we have to wake up Green Day tomorrow.

    Ok just a reminder to everyone: If you’re planning on tweeting billie joe armstrong “wake up” or something tomorrow, DON’T. The song is about his father’s death and so it’s really personal and treating it like a joke isn’t the right thing to do. Plus he’s asked so many times for people to stop and no one listens so yeah. Please don’t do that.

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    Tim Burton Inspired Pokemon Drawing by Vaughn Pinpin (More Images)

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  • Help! There Was A Gay Wedding! What Do I Do Now?


    Emily Post’s Etiquette Daily, 23 July 2014:

    Q: My nephew, who is gay, just got married in Massachusetts. do I send a card or a gift or both? How do I acknowledge the event?

    Who even knows? Gay people are aliens, their customs may be very different from ours. Better not risk it.

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    "Talk Dirty to Me" covered by Postmodern Jukebox

    This week, we decided to find out how Jason Derulo’s “Talk Dirty” would sound if it was written as a traditional klezmer tune. Robyn even painstakingly translated the rap by 2 Chainz into Yiddish (file that one under: Things You Can Only See on the Internet).

    This is incredible.

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  • My goal for this semester is to do one photo project that’s entirely edited on one of these obnoxious Instagram-esque editing websites.

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    My goals at 17 years old: none

    Light Yagami’s goals at 17 years old: become a God

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    • Me: *makes an account on a website*
    • Me: *tries to log into website using said account*
    • Website: Your account is not yet activated. Please activate your account before logging in
    • Me: Oh, okay. *Goes to email, clicks link*
    • Website: Activation failed. This username is in use.
    September 30
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